Why was the Trade-Ideas Alerts Q & A closed?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by cashonly, Apr 27, 2003.

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    There's a lot of good info there from decent people.

    Maybe they can just post to this thread.


    Thank you for pointing that out. I think I just made a copy and paste mistake. Here is the link.




    I noticed indicies in there too. I don't recall that being there. That looks good!

  2. That was confusing to me as well. I wonder if that was a mistake or what? Why would they want to close that thread.
  3. What are you guys talking about? :confused:
  4. There was a thread with the title above where we had questions and answers about Trade Ideas alerts software. That thread is now closed. Cash and I are wondering why it was closed.
  5. Forgot to add the thread:

  6. Ok not sure why it was closed, but it's open again.
  7. Thank you, we appreciate it.