Why was the "Objections to SCT" thread closed?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Thunderdog, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. Just curious, since I found it to be immensely entertaining. Judging by Jack's posts in that thread, even he seemed to enjoy it. If the thread starter asked that it be closed, then no further explanation is required. However, if it was for another reason, then perhaps someone can explain it to me.
  2. It wasn't closed. Just moved to "Politics and Religion"
  3. LOL, made ya look.
  4. From whom? If individual posts offended the delicate sensibilities of some people, then those people should have complained about those particular posts. Did not Jack's adherents repeatedly state that this is an OPEN forum?
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    It got out of control-- too much profanity, personal attacks, etc.
  6. Really? I have waded through other threads with no less profanity and personal attacks, and yet they remain open. What is it about this particular thread that went over the line for you?

    As for attacks against Jack, you will note that he did not hesitate to belittle anyone who does not live by the Book of Jack. Calling him out to prove the claims he has made and then chiding him when he refuses to do so does not fall on the wrong side of good taste, as I see it. The same applies to anyone else whose boasts contain only air.

    So, I will ask you again. What, specifically, caused you to close the thread in question? Was it your idea, or were there Jacksters involved? And would those be the Jacksters who always defended Jack's ramblings and insults in the name of an OPEN forum?

    Oh, and thank you for transferring this thread into Chit Chat.
  7. Looks like they have been qualified... lol

    Thunderdog, for what it's worth I think your posts and hypo's were constructive criticism of SCT that should have been addressed. However, there were a few (maybe only one?) individuals who decided that for the benefit of others they would spew so much verbal diarrhea that nothing good could come from the thread, either debunking the famous myth or proving it's validity. If I owned this site I'd delete that thread too, as it was helping no one.

  8. ET does not now have, nor has it ever dad, any liking for a humorous attitude about trading. But you can post all the bullshit you want clothed in a serious mein with no consequences. I've got better things to do than post to an unappreciative audience, so I'm outa here. See me on stage in San Diego in April where I will be presenting "Comedy Trading School" with Spydertrader as my straight man. I will be wearing a tux impersonating Jack, mellifluously intoning nonsense like "The premium is set every morning before the open." (A direct quote posted here.)
  9. Actually, it seems to me that there are some moderators at ET who have an allegiance to Jack and are moderating accordingly.
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