Why was the market so slow today?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by kmgilroy89, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. It was even worse than Friday with Nemo. I'm not sure why. BAC did less than 100 million shares. Are people waiting for Obama to give his speech? Waiting for a new pope?
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    This week china is in holiday mode.
  4. 1) "No News Monday". :confused:
    2) The Blizzard had to have kept a lot of bank/brokerage/trading employees at home, especially at Fidelity and State Street. :(
    3) Traders hungover from Carnaval. :)
    4) Grammy Awards hangovers. :p
    5) Abe Lincoln afficionados are getting ready to go crazy tomorrow. :cool:
    6) Cathlicks may get crazy on Wednesday. :D
    7) Female "financial professionals" are distracted by Valentines Day. :eek:
  5. market has been slow since jan 2
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    Been very generous to me :)

  7. you're clueless.
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  9. looks like all Asian institutional traders are taking the week off due to the Chinese/Japanese new year.

    Year of the Snaaaaakee
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    As if

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