Why Was My Thread on Obama Censored?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by BernardRichards, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. I never had a thread on P&R censored before in over 2 yrs. because as opposed to many of my "friends" here I aim to stay well within ET TOS as I promised. I didn't threaten the POTUS or anyone else. I was just echoing the views of many people in the Conservative and Tea Party movement like Sean Hannity.

    It is ok to discuss topics like pederasty and bestiality in this forum without a problem, but when it comes to Hussein Obama than one has to be PC even in polite conversation.

    Give me a break!
  2. That alone would be enough to get you banned for life in a more civilized forum. Count your blessings. :p

    Actually, I'm disappointed that your thread was deleted. I like when the vacuity is so pronounced that it has a comic air.
  3. Me too! I was just aching to prove that your assertion about fighting to be moral in an immoral world is just a bunch of hogwash with your defense of HUSSEIN the EVIL ONE.
  4. See the feedback forum for further developments on this great injustice. :)
  5. Yup, deleting a thread talking about a President's assasination is such gross injustice.
  6. "The evil one" ? ...where have I heard that before? What are you 12?
  7. Note: That was sarcasm. Toying with the notion of assassination is beyond the pale, oh moral one.
  8. I know it is sad Mother Theresa, but a cancerous growth must be destroyed before it attacks the entire body, and the being perishes.
  9. I do believe that allusions to assassination are once again being made, despite moderator warnings. What is a moderator to do?
  10. I wasn't talking about a President traitor assassination. I assumed it was a deserved fait accompli already, and discussing what will happen next, and btw I was being sarcastic in regards to having my thread deleted as being a gross injustice. Didn't you see the emoticon Hermit? It is time to come out of that cave!
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