Why was my post deleted?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by newtoet, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. newtoet


    Why was my post deleted from "Question about Yahoo boards?"

    I have never had a post deleted in my history at ET. I am curious why this one was...I certainly didn't violate the TOS.

    For the record, here was my post:

    I find ET to be almost as bad.

    Anonymity of the Internet + Cowards + Low Self Image = typical hate-filled poster on either site.
  2. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Read your response again and tell me how that answers the poster's question about yahoo finance boards in comparison to google finance.
  3. newtoet


    Hey Baron - I was giving my opinion about posters on the Internet...be it ET, Yahoo!, or even Google. So it does address the topic of the OP's post.

    Why would that get deleted? With all the stuff that gets posted on ET, you choose to delete that?

    And for the record, I wasn't trashing ET - I was trashing posters on the Internet in general. But I am dumbfounded with why my post was deleted...again, it was certainly on topic.
  4. We do not like unwanted criticism like that newtoet , ET is the place for unconditional love and support, infact its almost too gay in here.

    And to know what we expect in terms of posting behavior please view this thread
  5. Hermit is correct, if you want to be accepted here you need to get with the program.

    I suggest you start by calling everyone names and using big capital letters.

    On the weekend we expect you to pull your weight with endless name calling and pathetic long winded posts that have no point at all. Trader 28 is a great example. Study him for style notes.

    Take Hermit's advice and try to fit in please.

    Excuse me I have to post an insulting reply to someone....and I want to make sure it has nothing to do with trading.

    Thank you

  6. ET has many blind spots or dark holes where's there is NO moderators or no moderator activity involved in editing, deletion nor banning of ET members that violate the TOU policy.

    Simply, you need to learn where and where not to post your messages at ET.

    It's easy to find these locations via making a list of the most offensive ET posters to see where they typically post at and you will have located your blind spots.

    I've identified a dozen blind spots or black holes at ET where its safe to use the worst type of profanity, worst type of personal attacking, threatining other members et cetera.

    If you are interested in learning how to be abusive in your message posts without any censoring...

    Please send a $25 check to Amazon and order the book called How to be Abusive at ET and Get Away With It and they will send you a 675 page book.

    I've order my book (currently waiting for delivery) so that I can understand how these people think and why they do what they do via observations by the world's most famous minds in the field of clinical psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatrics et cetera.

  7. Get the fuck off the site


    You've been banned several times

    fuck off.
  8. newtoet


    How did my thread asking why my post was deleted turn into this?
  9. This is what we need, advice from a pathetic scumbag that faked dead 911 relatives for sympathy
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