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  1. There were other reasons than those you'd call "appropriate standards".

    Just look at these:

    - Inandlong. Jack Hershey was making mince out of him, and he didn't like it. Inandlong doesn't like it if people don't agree on his concepts of "proper trading". He's a militant "edge" trader. dbphoenix and others here can witness this behaviour.

    Inandlong instigated a personal war by allying with TrendFader, nononsense and other disturbances of the peace in order to provoke Jack to the stage where he'd just curse them. Then, Inandlong would come and delete his posts, saying they were "offensive". Nevertheless, Inandlong wouldn't bother much about all the flamers and trolls attacking Jack all day long, calling him names and cluttering up his threads. Jack was upset, and obviously, Inandlong enjoyed it greatly. He did little about it.

    Does anybody remember Inandlong's last thread, regarding "are you successful with Jack's strategies" or the like - I can't find the thread, it must have been deleted in the last few days. Clearly, Inandlong is removing traces everywhere. The thread was full of criticism towards Inandlong and his biased handlings of the affairs. One was a post about Inandlong in which I detailed some reality as to all the crimes Inandlong had committed lately.

    Inandlong didn't like that at all, so he decided to close the thread!

    This is only the tip of the iceberg. There's a lot more stuff going on there.

    What I don't understand is why Jack got banned just a few days before he could do his Labor Day realtime trading demonstration? Maybe Inandlong was getting panicky about his integrity? Maybe Baron's sponsors didnt like the stuff? One question and many possible answers.

    But one thing we shouldn't forget: All hands down, it was Jack Hershey himself who surgically dissected and laid bare every single bit of mrmarket's strategy and disclosed it as bogus. It was Jack who made mrmarket disappear, and ET owes him something for that!

    It's a scary situation, and it certainly was crucifixion.

    This thread shall serve to demystify the true reasons for Jack's crucifixion. Since we all have a right to justice and finding truth, we shall do this here, by collecting all of our own evidence and notions in order to draw some sort of picture.

    May Peace and Justice be in all your Hearts...

    ~The Scientist :)
  2. When I was a young buy in grade school they told me 3/4.5 people wont like me. So I said that it will rain tomorrow and went to school.

    Take only a stochastics 4,19 and overlay a matrix log with your ROI hits $97.5k. Then buy a new car and do it all over again as a interm.

    Follow the MACD because p,v leads the action. A stop log of SCT type trading is the way to go. I know rants and weasels wont make sense out of my posts but they are chicken shit. I have reviewed all of Trend Fodders and InandBroke's posts and will show how they make no money and are garbage in the coming days. SCT trading will make more money because the other methods are not factoring time value in relation to P,V * nth.

    I contribute 42hours a day to posting on this site and my secretary's hands hurt. For advanced traders make a list of the stop log with a 3 point convergence when your ROI * time factorial hits 965% your principal. I am 70 years old and my wooden keyboard just gave me a splinter.

    -- Good Ole Bubba
  3. Just found out it takes $4.37 to print a page so we will do icebergs out of VDU and a continuation from the trend.

    I trade a fractal that represents the market pace. I also watch the next fastest fractal for anticipation. For execution I use a 3.2 PPO Thrust from a VDU climax. Volume is always the key.

    Naturally I choose to suggest that a person who wants to be most successful, should have a focus on the corrolation and or dependency matters that specifically deal with a focussed subset of the whole. MY view of making money in markets and using every skill possible is one where a supreme focus is required as I deal with a near perfect subset of performing entities. I use the major variables of the market and interrelate them on the trading fractals where capital appreciation is optimized among the variables and in order of their significance. Keep it KISS.

    -- Good Ole Bubba
  4. Here is the link Scientist.


    Better luck with your search next time. Let me know if I can help you in any way.
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