Why was insider trading banned ?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by JB Marlin, Sep 5, 2009.

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  1. JB Marlin

    JB Marlin

    The P & R section lost its liberal lion today and I'm curious as to why

    dwl603/ CowboyBlue started with the insults in this thread,noy insider


    Unprovoked Posts from dwl603/ CowboyBlue to insider trading

    "Hey jackass how much did it cost barrak obama to go to a broadway play??? "

    "Insidertrading has proved yet again he is by far the most inept person on this website."

    "Just when i though he couldnt get any stupider"

    "As it is the truth, now get a life and go out and get laid already."

    Unprovoked post from bogscoe

    "Dumb fuck post of the year award!"

    Insider is always the one being personally insulted first,yet he gets banned when he defends himself while the ones who start the shit doesn't.Not fair imo ET
  2. Joe


    He Makes posts like this consistently. If he has a problem with a member he should have emailed our support team.
  3. And yet in all of your wisdom, you have allowed someone such as "dwl603" to have his name "banned" from the entire website, (as he made a big deal this weekend about going fishing with his Son and never coming back to this "cesspool" ever again, admitting that he's simply wasted far too much of his precious time on ET) only to be allowed to "re-emerge" as CowboyBlue which has been a registered screen-name since May of 2005.

    Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but it sure sounds like you are rewarding someone who has been operating on ET with more than one screen-name at a time, does it not?

    Moreover, you are aiding him in playing a charade on the rest of ET membership... helping him in his ruse of telling everyone that he's gone from ET forever and "not coming back" . . . only to never have left.

    How can this possibly make any sense, let alone speak to the quality of ET that you have showed concerns over?
  4. Joe


    Your wrong, and I already sent you an email on this a million times.

    Dwl asked for his account to be deleted. I granted his wish. The user name cowboy blue is one that I made up that day, and only says its been registered that long because that's how long his account has been open. I can change anyones account name. If you want I'll make you Landis8000.
  5. JB Marlin

    JB Marlin

    In all fairness Joe,did you consider the fact that dl603 started that thread and in his first post called insider an ass hole?Did you consider that the spat between insider and dl603 was started by dl603 in this thread in which dl603 insulted insider first ?


    also notice that in that thread insider didn't insult anybody until he was insulted first

    Its like dl603 is seen as the good guy because he reported the incident first but it was dl603 who actually started it
  6. JB Marlin

    JB Marlin

    Landis do you think it was fair for insider to be banned under the circumstances?
  7. I hope you did not kick him out permanently. There is a lot of scum in P&R and taking out a left leaning poster makes the imbalance even greater towards knuckleheads(people like Lucrum)
  8. Joe


    Yes, I saw it all. Dl603 did start it. However I've had members come to me in the past reporting that one particular member will not leave them alone. They send me links to multiple threads where the offender will not stop and 9/10 times the offender is banned. Inside trader, just shot his mouth off consistently and that's why I put a ban on his account.
  9. There's a lot of garbage and nonsense in the Politics/Religion forum... so he shouldn't of been banned.

    ET would be better if it totally removed the politics/religion forum because it is irrelevant to trading. Any good political related information could be substituted in the Wall Street News/Economics forums.

    Maybe ET gets more hits with the P/R forum because people spend a lot of time there... insider included. But P/R should not exist to prevent these dumb sensitivities.
  10. JB Marlin

    JB Marlin

    And I thought I was the only one that enjoyed insider lol
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