Why was ASusilovic's thread deleted?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Arthur Deco, May 11, 2010.

  1. He is one of my favorite posters. I have come to depend on him to bring us links to useful news or sites that we might not otherwise stumble across. Today he created a thread linking to the IndexArb site because he found it useful for S&P dividend information. Surely you did not think he was shilling for them? I think IndexArb in general is full of shit, but some folks might have liked what they have to offer. That WAS a plug for Susilovic. If YOU have a hard-on for IndexArb, I will understand.
  2. I do not know who deleted his thread. It was not me. Hopefully the moderator who did will answer.
  3. Thanks.
  4. TGregg


    I didn't delete it. The last time I looked at it there were signs of future deterioration developing. Not sure if this blossomed or why it was deleted.
  5. You probably thought it was deteriorating because I said "IndexArb is full of shit" because of their theory of how premium excursions affect future price direction. I was just getting started.
  6. TGregg


    Naw, somebody was kvetching about how this is a trading site and fundamentals have nothing to do with trading. But I have no idea if that lead to the deletion. . .
  7. Well, I guess it didn't hurt his feelings, because he hasn't commented.
  8. Thanks for correcting me. But odd. When I searched for it before I posted it wasn't there. My apologies.