Why was Al Brooks Thread Deleted

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  1. Hi Joe,

    It looks as a thread I started seems to be deleted... about Al Brooks' website and donation money in the education forum. Where did it go? Why was it deleted considering there were 7 pages worth of posts by many members in a 3 day span?

    If this thread was deleted, I don't know where ET has any dignity (especially w/ the Puretick scam you support). This site has surely become a joke to any individual that actually trades.

    I am politely asking whether you have the authority to simply erase all my posts (1200+) with a click of a button. I also ask if you can erase my membership from ET? Please do... I do not want any posts to be left on ET anything related to me. Is that possible.

    Unlike 90% of members here, I actually do trade and do so professionally. But ET has become a joke so I don't want any of my posts, valuable or not, to remain on this garbage forum site. Can you get rid of all my posts and my membership please?

    Thanks Joe
  2. Joe


    Thread was a slap in the face to the website owner. ET members assumed him having a link to donate must mean he is not a profitable trader and most stated it as fact. It wasn't even a huge part of the site, just about the size of a stamp. As someone said, there's nothing wrong with free money, and to assume someone was not profitable because they had a link to donate unfairly discredits him.
  3. Okay... I know some very profitable traders... and they do not write books nor do they maintain a website (let alone ask for donations). You're either a trader or author, not both. 99% of successful traders are very SECRETIVE, so I'll listen to the probabilities.

    Either way, I'm not trying to disrespect anyone. It was a discussion nevertheless... why delete discussions? But is it possible to delete all my posts and membership please, so that there is no history of my presence here?

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    That thread had a tremendous amount of misinformation and false assumptions stated as facts. Al Brooks briefly had a minimalist site (for less than 2 weeks) and provided a lot of free support material. He found it interfered with his trading so he shut it down. A supporter, and web-savvy person, offered to setup a much better site where Al could post charts, offer help to traders, and not have the responsibility of maintenance, etc. This person (Robert) who setup the site and maintains it is the one who requested donations, not Al. Anyway, if you feel that no one who is a successful trader would write a book then you understand nothing about the drive many people have to teach and help others. That says more about you than the person you are condemning.
  5. Although I disagree, I respect your opinion. I never said no one, but VERY few successful traders write books on what to do to make money. Some like Soros, present their political/economic ideas and others like Marty Schwartz describe what they did a decade ago.

    Anyhow, is it possible to delete all my posts and membership please, so that there is no history of my presence here?
  6. You didn't use your real name, so why do you even care?

  7. I just don't want my posts here.. idc about my name.

    If ET has no problem deleting popular threads of mine... they should also be able to delete all my posts and membership too.
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    It is very easy to sort out the good material from the bad on ET... The good material has a few very dedicated detractors, the bad material is recommended to new traders....
  9. The problem with the above statements is that the first quote is really based upon your personal opinion only which may differ greatly from the personal experiences of others.

    Also, one can view your second quote via you implying that there are some successful traders that write books but you personally do not know them in light of your first quote.

    What if someone else knew them?

    For example, I personally know two institutional traders in France that trade Crude Oil (CL) and Emini ES futures...

    One has a blog and the other has written a book.

    In addition, I know several U.S. institutional traders that are active online in discussing order flow, supply/demand, key price areas they are looking at although they don't consider such to be secrets.

    Yet, they mainly post in the evenings or on the weekends.

    Further, my step-father was a floor trader before moving on to the FED...he shared a ton with me and others.

    My point...my personal opinion is that a lot of sucessful traders (retail, institutional, professional) share trading tips, information et cetera but they aren't running around saying it's secrets and the enjoy telling others.

    However, I will say this...of all the successful traders I do know...they aren't hanging out online debating, arguing, temper tantrums with other anonymous posters...

    Well, at least they've never admitted to such. :D

    Simply, don't make the mistake of assuming what's occurring on your side of town is the norm for others especially for those in a completely different environment behind anonymous user names.

    Last of all, have you read Tiger Woods book...


    How can a successful golfer have time to write a book unless he's not successful and needs the money...

    Shame on him trying to scam people out of their money. :cool:

    You're either a golfer or author...not both and 99% of successful golfers are secretive.

  10. Passive-aggressive bullshit. You are absolutely trying to disrespect those you have no respect for, aka traders who are not secretive in your narrow-minded opinion expressed with 99% stats pulled straight out from your ass.

    Looking back thru your time here as a past moderator until now, you made quite the leap from failed trader who couldnt make a dime to successful professional trader. Quite the metamorphisis in rapid fashion or merely in your own mind.
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