why voters are angry in one graph

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  1. Voters have MUCH more to be angry about than just this.

    Let's hope the Dems lose the house to put a stop to the Progressive/Socialist juggernaut. And let's further hope that if Republicans get elected SOMEBODY will tell the public the truth about the employment situation so we can begin to adjust. Seems most are still waiting in limbo... presuming things will get back to "normal", hopefully soon. They won't.
  2. Voters are mad because republicans and democrats both have created a 40-year long debt bubble, just waiting to explode. Most fault is republicans though, about 60% fault.
  3. Wrong.

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  5. No wonder you're a failed trader. Go back and redo 3rd grade math where they should have taught you how to read graphs.
  6. pspr


    I like this comment on that story:

    "By voters do you mean shareholders in corporations that want to vote for lower profits in exchange for hiring more people on overhead or do you mean people that want to vote for rolling back the minimum wage hike so that we can do more work in this country as opposed to overseas?"
  7. Still peddling the same old heritage.org crap and then trolling others for posting something realistic, nicely done troll.
  8. http://www.politifact.com/

    Take a look at the promises kept vs. promises broken. Does this match what you want your country to be doing?
  9. Says, the person who cant read anything lol! :D
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