Why Very Successful Guys Should Avoid An Exclusive Girlfriend At All Costs

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  1. LOL!

    We all want to become rich from trading, then become the next "most interesting man in the world"
  2. Bob111


    i use think like this guy...when i was 20-25..sometimes,thru the life you need a shoulder, a mate you can rely on..plus-what is the point of living,when you left nothing after yourself? no kids,no memory..pointless,selfish life..what you gonna do at 75-80? who is going to take care of you? good luck with that. not my style
  3. What if you want kids?

    I know you can just have kids outside of marriage but i dont think it would be good for his/her psyche.
  4. It's a "fuck you" article written by a woman. (maybe)
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    during PMS
  6. Brass


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    I feel like that site loaded massive amounts of spyware onto my computer.
  8. loosers will get angry :D

    oh btw, you can have kids without marriage.
  9. Bob111


    sure..you can..go head and try to raise one.(hint: it's ain't easy with a "full and functional" family..oh i forgot-it's expensive too. how about $250-450 per week for basic kindergarten)
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