why use TICK chart?

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    dont bust my balls but....

    why use a tick chart for the futures?

    is volume factored in?

    i have not seen a valid reason to use a tick chart..

    enlighten me

    fu@ckeads need not apply.... serious responses plz

    thx :)
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    You could thank Proflogic. But since he's not here, I'll take his credit :D

  5. tick?

    I scalp for pennies off an old fashioned bar chart set to a Monthly timeframe.


    That's my Estate there in the corner
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    thank you for the link.. i tried to search but WAyyy to many posts under that topic..

    "1. Minute Charts - Varying number of shares or contracts traded per bar. (Volume unstable)
    2. Tick Charts - Constant number of Ticks but still a varying number of shares or contracts traded per bar. (Volume unstable)
    3. Range Bar Charts - User defined bar range but still varying number of shares or contracts traded per bar. (Volume unstable)
    4. Volume Bar Charts - User defined number of shares or contracts traded per bar. (Volume Stable)"


    using support resistance levels, it seems, would be difficult.

    if there were many ticks ( like the YM @ 1:30 today) your chart would flatten out making it more difficult to see trends..

    not sure im making since..

    it seems ticks would discount volume totally.. at the expense of any form of technical pattern..

    could be wrong though... ill plot em all soon..

    thx guys :)
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    I find formations tend to show more often and quicker with tick charts
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    I saw some people said on this board that volume charts eliminates noise.
    BUt I think time charts are still more popular.

    I will leave it to the experts to comment on this more.
  9. All of this has been studied ad nauseum and ad infinitum by computers faster than the speed of light and guess what? It doesn't mean shit to a tree. If you see patterns and set ups, God bless you. They exist in your mind but the fact is the market doesn't recognize nor respect them.

    Sad but true.
  10. A search of your post history shows that you have spent most of your time commenting on less than reputable vendors.

    I doubt that you've been able to put in the time needed to determine how to use the type of charts listed in the link on Tick, Range and Volume charts effectively ... good luck if you think your FTL computers know everything about trading, LOL.
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