Why use multiple handles?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by abra trader, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. trading sucks today, but the beer is good, and its time to tap the old cranium for some psychology.

    why do people use multiple hadles on elitetrader? A fascinating question...
  2. Tell me your other ones, and I will tell you why.
  3. think of abducens, and was just pondering the question.
  4. quite an ironic question, coming from someone with only 5 posts under their belt. :p

  5. or you!!
  6. hii...,

    are you up to no good? :p
  7. ALICE


    Trading did not "suck today". I did quite well, but then I usually do. If you are a discretionary trader only then you probably did poorly (most every day) Sys trading only connotes that you did your homework. Dont fall for the others lies.
  8. good to know you still are lurking, mrmarket
  9. cartm


    Good answer.................................:D
  10. New handle? Probably because the old handle has been totally discredited by previous absurd postings and incorrect predictions.

    I never say anything of importance one way or the other so I'll never have to change my nick.
    #10     Feb 8, 2003