Why USD so strong? How long?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Stok, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. Stok


    USD rocking....Please give your theories/reasons why and is the ride over anytime soon?

  2. the US is self-sustaining and self-sufficient, they call the shots.
    Whatever they need they produce, whoever they wanna screw they screw.
    The dollar is a bully.
  3. It is similar to people buying stocks of a company where they trust the CEO. Long USD is the way to go for few years. There was an article in Bloomberg few months ago that showed that the value of a dollar is positively co-related to the popularity of the president.
  4. jjf


    If you paid any attention to Obama's address, then the next direction for the markets is down.
    This being the case, market money is being sidelined and the dollar rises.
  5. LOL, popularity of President is related to how well the economy is doing. Dollar is positively correlated to economy, so therefore a good economy makes a popular president, not the other way around.
  6. jjf


    How can O be a popular Pres, when he has yet to finish lunch and start work.
  7. The dollar has been down since Bush took office, does that mean that the economy has been terrible all these years?
  8. moarla


    at least obama is popular all over the world: about 5 bill of people...
    dont know if he is popular in the USA,...
    you idiot jjf
  9. He can't even say the oath without stumbling. Look at the stock market today. Its a wreck!!

  10. Yes the economy has been pretty bad or so all the dems say so.
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