Why USA govenment cares only about multinational corparations

Discussion in 'Politics' started by kashirin, May 18, 2007.

  1. Who will care about average Joe?

    Canadian dollar up 10% in just 2 months.
    its 1.09 now. and it was 1.60 4 years ago

    in 4 years canadians became 50% richer than americans
    Bush completely destroyed our country

    people in their 30s earn 31K comparing to 35 K inflation adjusted 30 years ago

    So you still think economy is expanding?
    then why we are so poor now?
  2. Use your head and find ways to combat what is causing the drag, yes you Joe consumer can fight back.

    Just buy index futures, they always go up guaranteed!
  3. corporate controlled government = Fascism.

    Welcome to the Matrix.