Why TWS in German language?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Ninja, Oct 25, 2002.

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    I don't know the difference regarding the connection. When I was new to IB last summer I tried the standalone version at work for weeks and it did not function. Tried everything on two different computers. Then one day i tried the web version and it worked instantly.
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    Thanks. Actually my German is pretty good. Did I mention that I was born and live in Germany? :)
    However I am accustomed to use English software, because of my job. I think large international companies often only use one (english) version on all their computers (operating systems, office software, database products, etc.), because of simplicity, better support, and improved multinational teamwork.

    I got so used to it, that it really encumbrances me when I have to use German software. You can't imagine how bad some translations are . I changed my regional settings, input locales, etc. to US, but TWS still loads with this german-english jumble.
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    German is English, just with more guttural sounds :)
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  4. und nicht vergessen, wer den Angelsachsen das Angeln beigebracht hat.

    Waren die Ostfriesen :D
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    the noun "Angeln" - or "Land Angeln" - is the home region of the Angles who invaded and conquered Britain together with the Saxons and Jutes some time ago ... the verb "angeln" simply means "to fish"


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  8. Great insight, but let's keep this thread on topic. Let me know if you'd like me to split off these last few posts into the chat section for further discussion?

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    wild: I got that. That's why I made the comment about capital letters not being able to be used to distinguish proper names. I was making a subtle joke :)

    rich: I thought this was on topic :)

    OK. Got the message.
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