Why TWS in German language?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Ninja, Oct 25, 2002.

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    I am really shocked! Just started the TWS web version and now I have this thing on my screen in German language! I worked yesterday from home and everything was fine in English. Now I have a mix of German and English on my screen. Where can I change this?

    I would think that this is a fine thing for people connecting via the German IB homepage. But for me, connecting via .com this is garbage. I started TWS several times in the last 10 minutes. Sometimes I get the English tip-of-the-day and sometimes the German ones. All screens are a mix of English and German, e.g. the columns on the account screens five labels are German and the rest is in English.

    This is not well thought out! Imagine I call the helpdesk the next time or chat with IB support employees and they say: ' Okay, just click there and there...' and I have to say: "Sorry, but I don't have that on my screen, but I have Einstellungen and Farben and Währung and Marktwert..."

    This is really bad improvement. At least there should be the possibility to choose the language.

  2. TWS isht kaput! Eine TWS das malfunckshun! (Apologies to any German speakers lol)

    Sounds like you logged into tws through their Deutsch front page at http://www.interactivebrokers.de/.

    Just a guess.
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    Definitely not. I tried it several times even on a second computer. Maybe they query the reginal settings or something like that.

    BTW, I hope my English sounds better than your German (at least it seems you have some basic knowledge?) :D
  4. Are you using the standalone version or the browser based?
  5. Sorry, just saw you said web based. Why don't you download the english version standalone. I think you will like the standalone much better.
  6. Ninja


    Can't run the standalone software here at work, because of the firewall. Only the web version functions.

    By the way, I got so familarized with using the web version (always run the recent version without downloading) that I run it at home too. I use 4 computers in different locations and don't like to run different TWS versions on them. Another problem for me with the standalone software was that with the download you always get the newest tws.ocx on your machine automatically which disturbs me when programming my own frontend on my development computer, because IB changes events and methods all the time (untested and with bugs).
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    Buy a dictionnary and see the world
  8. Use Altavista translator :D
  9. ?!?!? I think the browser version applet makes the socket connection over the same ports as does the standalone. If that's true then either version should work.
  10. you call IB to sell your shares and they answered:
    "Hallo! willkommen zu IB, wartete bitte!"
    Then you'll know that you're really in it deep. :D
    I WANNA SELL MY SHARES!! "was??" Wie dont understant inglish.
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