Why truly great posters on ET never last

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by open, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. open


    take this guy Hypostomus, known as Hypo to us all
    there are others I won't mention, they all leave.
    one of the reasons is they get tired of noobs and lack of inspiration
    but also lets not forget, they also get kicked around by Mods because they eventually smell the truth as to why ET exists in the first place
  2. open


    hypo once told me he discovered a way to not get kicked out by MODS
    he would put his point across in a very playful / sophisticated way, so mods wouldn't get it anyway :D
  3. Hyposthumous techneek you speaked set bad presedent. Now if sereus post not perfekt english, all thinking is joke. Recent I post new analussys tool call "tovip". My country, if a thing not working, we looking for apposite to work. If apposite work, we call apposite of not working thing by reavurse speling. I show apposite of not working thing work, and all laugh. ET laugh, Al work harder, make work eaven better. ET laugh at wise, prayse stupid. Because grate poster make line between thin. Perniseus practess! Corrupt ET like Sokrates corrupt yewth Athens.
  4. Albeta,

    Yus makes grete Slavic tritor... Ablle ta trae ani morket inn ani timme zona...

    Luv ur sistem mathod an ale ur loogic.. danks... mani danks...

    Urs Sindearly,

    Usef Mohamids deLeon
  5. LOL, probably the best post for this thread! :D

  6. loik


    What is "the truth as to why ET exists in the first place"?
  7. paden


    advertising? promotion?
  8. open


    Yes as paden put it, advertising, promotion, or as some people like to say it in a different way

    sucking hard earned money out of hopeful noobs, selling them lies pure and simple
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