why trend exists?

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  1. I hope someone could illustrate it in psychology's view

    thank you
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    people are like sheep
  3. Fear and Greed

    Uptrend = Greed to have more Money and/or Fear of Missing out

    Downtrend = Fear of Loss/Greed to take others hard earned money.

    Fear and Greed / Greed and Fear.

    All of our trading methodologies, no matter how sophisticated they are, are just the clothes we use to cover our base instincts. Which are what really run us.

    Which is the real reason trading is so hard.
  4. I can't take this anymore

    its as if you people secretly decided to gang up on me and post the most ludicrous questions imaginable

    you people want me gone don't you :p

    well its working, keep it up and I may just go and vomit
  5. you are getting there but are not a trader yet

    however I sense you will be if you keep it up

    can you guess which sentence gave you up as a NOT YET trader ????
  6. Yeah sure "Which is the real reason trading is so hard"

    It shows that even though I may nail the easy pitches that we all get, when the market starts throwing me curve balls that we all get, I get frustrated.

    Interesting catch ...
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    your honest mand