Why trading is easy

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    Trading is easy because there are only 2 outcomes a win and a loss. We all know how hard it is to consistently win so that leaves us with the losers and we are all fully aware how easy it is to string these together.

    Since most of our outcomes are losers it follows that to achieve our most common result is easy.
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    jwecme, your a true genius.
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    there are two outcomes to a championship chess game also.
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    not true there are 3 possible outcomes
  6. Learner


    Trading outcomes
    1 win,
    2 breakeven
    3 loss
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    not when you make just enough on the position to pay off the coms, etc.
  8. Don't be so dense, you're arguing semantics.

    Better term is "scratch", usually an insignificant win or loss after commish & fees.
  9. 3 outcomes, x amount of money, find a broker that suits, see the trend and away you go. Couldn't be easier.
  10. Anyone who claims trading is easy, has proven beyond any doubt that he doesnt know the first thing about trading.
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