Why trading educators talk about entries 95% of the time?

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  1. I don't care how great you think your entries are, you'll never
    get more than 60% correct with equal stop and target. And thats amazing!
    And highly unlikely and am not even sure its possible long term.

    Don't you think they should devote vast majority of time talking
    about how to manage a trade once your in? But they dont.

    They just say, look at this great setup and this is a good setup blah blah.

    All the while I'm looking at these so called setups and can easily
    tell they are a coin flip at best, maybe barely better than a coin flip.
    And I mean barely.
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    When you're a fraud trying to take money from people it's far easier to look into the near past and pick a place that looked good to enter then and extrapolate it forward. It's far harder to tell someone where to exit or how to manage being in the trade - that's the realm of experts which trading educators are universally not.

    These alleged "gurus" are not gurus at all.
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    You can get higher than 60% by reducing the Risk:Reward ratio to less than 1:1

    Ofcourse doesnt mean you have a positive expectancy but your win rate will be above 60%
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  4. I would imagine and can't know for sure. but even the best traders on the planet
    if you talked about entries only, long term are never going to be better than maybe
    53% if they entered, place oco order, target equal to risk and walked away.
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    Risk management is the most import thing. You only have to look at the huge number of casualties who have not managed their risk and paid dearly. LTCM, Optionsellers.com, Timothy Sykes, etc. If you do not manage your risk, you will blow out your account then, it is over for you. Of course, you can blow up multiple accounts if you can afford it. Then, the cost of trading education just went up. Stupidity is doing the same exact thing and expecting different results.
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    Why ask a question if you already made up your mind on the answer?
  7. Ace King against 1 opponent in Hold'm poker only wins 65% of the time.

    And there are no Ace Kings in the market.

  8. Well, its a discussion forum so maybe someone can enlighten me.
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    Most traders including educators talk mainly (not only) about their entries because its what most traders only want to see.

    As soon as a trader or educator start talking about trade management, risk management, position size, market context, trader psychology and other topics related to trading...they'll lose the interest of their viewer.

    Seriously, go find a trader or educator that rarely talks about his/her entries and only talks about as example...risk management...that's someone that's going to get very few views.

    In fact, use Elitetrader.com as an example, look at the trade journal section. It's mainly about trade entries, trade exits and less about anything else involving trading. Sure, there's a few exceptional journals that include info about the trade management, risk management, market context of the trade to make it educational but most journals are mainly about the trade entry.


    Simply, its normal.

    Another issue, the nature of the internet (message post length) doesn't really allow in-depth details with all the above information. Traders will just get bored if someone posted all the above info about their trade. :D

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  10. You need to list names. There are people out there who publicly show their trades live. If you can follow them and their trades is a different story. To say it's impossible is not correct although it may be the norm in this industry.
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