Why trading communities have a low respect for scalpers?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by kitty1996, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. Hello to you all:

    I am just wondering why trading communities/traders have the lowest respect for scalpers?

    This is evident in ET forum & other trading forum, like Yahoo.

    Can someone please tell me why?

    Is it because scalpers don't study much about fundamentals/technicals? Or because they make the lowest income compared to other traders?
    What is it? What is the real reason?

    I only learn scalping-method recently. I don't know much about this scalping trading business. And so far, I only read BAD THINGS about it, especially in this forum.

    Thank you in advance for all opinions and best wishes to all of you.
  2. Haven't noticed this attitude here at elitetrader, yet..
  3. ggoyal


    the part that they take the lowest income is bull. first of all depends on if you are comparing newbies to intermediate or experienced. even if you compare intermediate to intermediate, a lot of scalpers could have a lot more income than someone swing trading. again it depends on how much one does each of them. but i agree with the part that scalpers might make less PER TRADE than other types. nothing wrong with that as long as you reach your goal.
  4. not to brag but I made $5000 last week scalping and doing arbitrage with an occasional overnight position

    and have not had a losing week in 2008

    look ... it does not matter what style of trading you do as long

    as you have found something that works for you and you do not
    spend too much time worrying about what others on ET think

  5. There is a reason why most successful scalpers, and I mean true scalpers taking just a few tics per trade, are pros.

    its hard as hell. most people on forums like Yahoo may deride scalpers because non of them can do it, and they have no idea how much some of these guys make. When you are popping off 10 to 50 cars at a time, 30 times a day, the money adds up fast! This is assuming you can do it at all of course. I can't.

    I have not seen that attitude here.
  6. Can you give me a link to the yahoo forums ?
  7. jay rockford i'm willing to bet theres hardly a trader in america trading retail that can trade 50 car size 30 times a day and make money. 50 car's at $2.80 r/t is $140 per r/t x 30 times which is $4200 a day of commissions. thats 80k a month of commission to overcome which is hard if not impossible. only guys that would have a chance are cme members at 40 cents r/t and thats still tough as going in and out that often just opens up to so much slippage and bad trades. now there are es guys who are cme members trading 50-100 cars 5-10 times a day that kill it i'm sure.
  8. Scalping typically can only be done with relatively small capital. The Titanic can't turn on a dime. Therefore most large money is swing traded or position traded.

    Also, daytraders basically play "close to the vest". Position traders who take larger risks generally have disdain for this sort.:)
  9. obviously scalpers dont know trading by heart.
  10. but i heard a lot of situations where scalpers outshone long term traders in terms of profit
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