Why Tradestation is so much better then IB...

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Port1385, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. IB has always been behind the curve on charting and technically oriented programs. Most people who have IB need to subscribe to a seperate charting service to get any decent charts or technicals at all.

    Tradestation has the best charting software I have seen. I dont need to subscribe to all these other services with them.

    I have never heard anyone complain about Tradestation the way I have heard them voice over IBKR.

    I dont know why people swear by IB with behind the times charts.
  2. moarla


    i prefer having to subscribe to some other charting software instead of having data problems, bad fills , etc.
  3. TraDaToR


    I trade with both, TS since 2005, IB since 2007

    I have to say that overall IB is better: better DATA QUALITY( TS is awful for this ), better commissions, access to every possible exchange in the world, they don't make money on datas, an API, an universal account... Problem is IB has no real charting datas, backtesting and you couldn't have more than than 3 DOMS running( it seems you can now, just discovered it ).

    TS is not that bad. I have negociated a better deal of commission with them, matrix is good( a lot better than TWS Booktrader ), automation is good, charting is good, but they are still trying to screw the customer everywhere...

    Whatever, I prefer IB.

    PS: One day, I had a spread between correlated instruments and one leg was busted by ICE. IB reimbursed me what I lost on NYMEX...True.