Why traders get no respect

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  1. I'm not getting any of this.

    What's going on? Traders get no respect?

    I don't know where you live, but where I live, money is king.

    People think I'm a prodigy because I can actually make money on the markets (that is theoretically impossible, remember?)

    "The people" are always extremely friendly, they all want to be the first to talk to me at parties - mostly trying to get a "hot tip" out of me and / or to tell me their great stories about how they just made a killing buying AMP shares on some hot tip.

    I then have to piss off person XYZ a 10,000th time trying to explain that I am a short-term trader and not interested in stocks, not to mention earnings, mergers, and rumours.

    I mean I really explain it in a friendly way, but people seem to take offense, and I'm the "secretive guy". I guess that's something traders have to live with, or so people say.

    That's the only downside to it. On the other hand, I have a nice life, complete spatial freedom, great friends and nobody who disrespects me, other than a few trolls on ET. :p

    I can have any girl I want and the bank manager remembers my name.

    What else would you want?

    Respect? From whom??? Pfft! Who needs it!

    Relax and get a life.

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  2. That's right.

    Just double your account twice a year and you'll get plenty of respect. :p

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  3. richk


    xbrxx: I agree with you. A lot of things are good when you have money. When you are hard poor , then also every big love will finish into daily hunt for food, water, some money to live, to have some place to live etc.
    With money you can live much easier in our era.

    And also a lot of living basics (like described clean water, air, heat water) is because our part of world is rich and can provide these things. Living in Asia could mean that you wil have no water (not only heat but no one in some places in same days.

    So money are necessary base for our living. I feel it this way and also that is why I want to have a lot of money. I want to have money to be INDEPENDENT of anybody (I bought large part of land to build there nice place for living which will be very inependent).

    Thre is also another big difference between trading and having another good job. You can stop trading for a few days /weeks and then come back and find market and possibilities to earn money. But try to stop your company which is providing services or good for several weeks, and after this time you will have no customers, no market, your company is out of market. So trading is about to be independent. But it is probably about different topic.

    Have a nice day and keep trading well
    :D :p :cool:
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  4. Yes, you just have to be careful to get the "regular" 3% one, not the 30% or 33%, which would destroy the mucous membranes in your mouth within fractions of a second.

    What it does is very simple: It breaks down into water and oxygen. The water is completely harmless, and the oxygen destroys germs and many organic colors. Peroxides are also used for bleaching hair and whitening teeth. The big advantage is that it is completely non-toxic. If it does not "burn" you on contact, it will not harm you even if used daily for years. Can you say the same thing about all the butyl-hexa-cyclo-4-diethyl-thingies in your average mouth wash? How confident are you really that the few lab rats that contracted cancer when exposed to Listerine were statistically insignificant?
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  5. That's a lie which is very popular in totalitarian political systems. And it has a very convenient implication: The jew/homosexual/capitalist/Iraqi/pacifist/etc. has not done anything for me lately, so his being a human with a right to life, freedom, etc. need not be respected.

    Fear is learned, respect can be given.
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  6. Tea


    The only respect worth striving for is self-respect.

    Once you have it - everything else falls into place.
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  7. A very sad point of view, but after living amongst humans for 27 years, I have come to share it.
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  8. Tea


    Its happy, not sad.

    It is boiling things down to what is essential. Instead of running around trying to impress others and get their respect - you simply live the life you want to live and be as decent a person as you can.

    Don't waste your energy on trivial matters. Life is too short.

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  9. 100% Agree.

    Fundamental truth.

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  10. Equally excellent comment.

    This is all that matters.

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