Why traders get no respect

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Epiphany, Sep 13, 2003.

  1. It is a solution of roughly 3% hydrogen peroxide and 97% water. Comes in brown bottles.
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  2. WTG! We aim to depress.
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  3. Momento


    and you put that to clean your teeth?!:confused:
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  4. Atheist


    I don't know about respect, but just about everyone I know(extended family, friends, ex-girlfriends, and ex-clients) are all jealous of what I do for a living. :D
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  5. If you must know, I take a small quantity of it and try to keep it in my mouth for 5 to 30 minutes. But to each his own. I am sure there are products out there that do the job just as well and are only slightly more toxic, while costing about 1000% more. Or you can always stop eating (and drinking!) sugar.
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  6. The basic question to ask is: Should I be persuing a career/vocation in medecine, plumbing, law, welding, engineering, etc? Should I be building something with my hands? Should I be sitting behind a desk 9-5. Or should I be trading stocks for a living. Let your heart answer the questions and you will know what your true desire is.
    Trading stocks is not the calling of every heart.
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    If I say.... money can buy anything you want. And you happen to want the whole entire universe. Well, I've been beat! You speak of a .00000001%. I speak of the rest.

    I am trying to say, without money, you can never be happy. HEALTH requires money believe it or not! I dunno your age, but if your in your 30-40s... then, probably not. 50's you gotta have some money... 60s.. ohh yeah.. 70s... hell yeah, 80s... well then again, how did you survive to this point? Its because where you live. YOU LIVE IN A RICH COUNTRY! WHy is our water so clean? Why is the air so clean? I don't care how often you excercise, people working in the crappiest conditions, are too hardworking and excercise their body on a daily basis. But do they have the luxuries that money has bought? Clean water... and clean food... and clean air? Nope... I strongly suggest you take a visit to rapid growing industrial nations such as Thailand. Sure... Phuket, Chaing Mai look awesome. STep into bangkok, and you'll be hiding in your hotel all day. The air and water in bangkok is literally piss poor. Thats why they always recommend purchasing bottled water there. Anyways, if the people living there had money, I'D bet they'd buy their way outta there! Or atleast buy small house and live a decent life anywhere else! But guess what... most jobs are in Bangkok, and people gotta live right? So tell to them.... money can't buy health. We are just living in America, with our clean air, and clean water.... and paying for it with our tax dollars... for no reason. Because we can't buy health after all right?

    Ohh yeah, your wifes love for you grew out of money too! Unless she is some saint. Would she have married you if you were working at TACO BELL making minimum wage? And the only place you can afford to bring her to dates is again.. where you work... TACO BELL! LOL! That is true love right there. But then again, I highly doubt you were working such a job. I doubt you were taking the bus to work everyday. I doubt you were living in some low income housing area. So I ask again, would she have married you if you didn't have what you had(WHICH MONEY BOUGHT)? Then again, a decent car... a decent house... a wedding ring... a nice bed to sleep on? Occasionally going out to a nice resturaunt? A computer! Those are all materialistic things. And we could all live without it. So be the man you say you are! and donate it all! Join the peace corps and volunteer the rest of your life. If you can't do that... you are just another one of us Greedy Money Loving fools.

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    Good post. If i read the whole thread before typing my other post, could have saved me some time. lol
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  9. You don't get respect, you earn it.
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  10. Is that better known as Hydrogen Peroxide? Use it to clean cuts? You keep it in your mouth for 30 minutes?

    What does it do, exactly, to help your teeth. Not to turn this into a dental thread, but you have peaked my interest.

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