Why Trade?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by sjp, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. sjp


    What got all of you into trading? Too much TV? Not any good enough to play sports but greedy as hell? What was it that made you want to stare at numbers all day?

    Cmon, let everyone know.

    Nosey Trader
  2. The hot women. The groupies. The rock star status that attracts loose women willing to do anything and throw themselves at you.

    In a nutshell.
  3. sjp


    Thanks snoop. Not really the kind of smut I like to see on elite trader though. If you only have filth to contribute to the debate, I suggest you take it to another thread. Please, for all our sakes, (and the sakes of the children), keep it clean on the inside.

    In fact, snoop, you are barred from taking any further part in this discussion. There, I did it.

    Indignant Trader
  4. The chicks? I sure wish things worked that way. I 'd rather tell them I am a writer.

    Nah I will take the freedom and the almost limitless income potential
  5. :D

    Shhhhh. A lot of people don't know about these perks!
  6. Jeeez. Lighten up Francis.
  7. sjp


    Hey kicking, no profession will help you with the ladies if you have a face like a slapped arse:) Does the author story come in handy?
  8. sjp


    Snoop, I thought I told you no more posts! Its my bat and my ball, and you're not playing. So sling your hook pal. We dont want to have to read your filth, perverting the minds of more idealistic traders......

    Idealistic Trader
  9. Hi sjp,

    We all would like to drive around in a Ferrari like you and retire asap to a beaver farm.

    Be good,

  10. sjp


    you have no understanding of beavers pal....They choose you, you dont choose them

    #10     Feb 17, 2004