Why trade at all?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Maximus, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. Maximus


    If most successful e-mini traders only make about 1.5 points a day on 1 - 5 contracts, why not just earn an MBA and get a job paying $200k/year?
  2. no fun
  3. I'm sure we'd all be doing it.
  4. and what if i made 2 pts per day on 10 contracts. or 20 ? or 30 ?
  5. are earning $200,000 per year, I have a BRIDGE that I'd love to sell ya!

  6. fan27


    Get an MBA and a job making 200k and report back your experience. Let me know if you only work 7 hours a day, are able to take vacations whenever you want, and don't have a boss or any customers. The risks are high but so is the reward.
  7. Average MBA pay is $80K per year. These days you see MBA holders delivering Pizza just like many so called traders or investors!
  8. CalTrader

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    ... Because MBA grads on average dont make 200 K per year ...

    ... Because you might want a life with your family rather than working like a dog (and often being treated like one) at an IB ....
  9. ... and you can't work in your underwear and surf porn when things get slow:eek:
  10. 168


    all the trader going to mba ? then the mba salary will drop to $ 5 per hour........better deliever pizza.
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