Why TopstepTrader?

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  2. You need to correct the first reason

    Tst was giving free and reduced combines without LTP in 2010
  3. Turveyd


    Not heard of anyone qualify on any of the sites I've used, close but always a reason for rejection, it's just a scam isn't it, to get you to pay $100 to try to qualify.

    Got to wonder, if the people who are qualified are even real and not just made up, to attract traders and give false hope.

    Anyone know for certain anyone on ET who's Live trading and making $$$ from them ??
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    I don't think that's quite right, actually Turveyd: there have been loads of TST-funded traders posting at futures.io, where you've posted a lot, yourself.
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    Hi volente_00, thanks for reaching out. Yes, the concept of TopstepTrader has been around for a while. However, we were legally incorporated as TopstepTrader LLC in 2012. Hope this clears up some confusion!
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  6. Topsteptrader was not in existence in 2010?
    It's still misleading because established is not the same as incorporated.
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    Hi Turveyd, we appreciate you reaching out. Here is a link to our blog that features all of our funded traders. It tells the real stories about real people earning real money. We always want to be transparent with our community. We hope this provides you with more clarity about our program. http://blog.topsteptrader.com/topic/topsteptrader-funded-traders
  8. https://www.topsteptrader.com/affiliate-program/

    Company way too focused on marketing for the "testing" fee than actually finding serious LONG TERM stable traders. Almost every other funding shops want to see a minimum of 1-2 years of results and TST only requires less than a month. They have a high level of faith in traders with such a short term results continuing to deliver over the long term. This, along with mass marketing of guaranteed fee profits really raises one's suspicions on where they actually generate the majority of their revenue from - fee or trading.
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    Never PROMISE WORD and HONOR heard of Futures.IO I only post here these days, so nope not me.
  10. Turveyd


    Going to need to be someone I atleast Virtually know way before hand, you guys could sit around making those up easy peasy.

    Same as Amway used to likely still does, hire actor to do the conferences and tell the sheep, how they struggled but got there in the end and you need to keep going to conferences and buying loads of product to demo and training materials, big money = motivation = lies.

    Not saying you are lying, but I'd like REAL PROOF!!
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