Why today's youth is garbage?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by a529612, Aug 31, 2007.

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    It's that damn rock and roll, I tell you! And all that dancing! It leads to sex! Damn delinquents!

  2. I think the other day I read Business Week and they told you about how ambitious and hard working the business school students were. It's hard to make these blanket statements, because we don't have 'teen delinquency rates" reported by the government. We can only take little bits here and there.

    I think the majority is good but in times such as today it's pretty obvious the minority is pretty big. Kinda like the sub prime mess, just enough to spoil the whole apple.
  3. Somebody should get the geezer a paper on the toxic waste his generation dumped in this country and the health problems associated with it. The youth has spend time and taxpayer dollars to clean it up.

    I'd bet he's Sicilian.
  4. Absolutely, time to round em up, hand out bib'n braces an' get em out pitching wheat sheaves where they belong!
    Builds character!
    Clearly, there just aint enough religion, so run compulsory sunday school, every day of the week.
    That'll get em back on the straight an' narruh, for sure.
  5. It's all relative: today, wrestling alligators and burying guys in the outback isn't as stressful as going without cable; asking any modern person to go without cable is like asking a heroin addict to go cold turkey.

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    I never thought too much of Trumps show the apprentice, but if anything I think it showed that top business schools teach you how to cover your ass, take credit for other peoples work, and blame others for mistakes, even if you made them. I'm not sure it has so much to do with our youth being garbage, as it is that our society is now geared towards the very short term and me me me me. This obviously shows in the youth too.