Why to short the Canadian Dollar

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  1. Whatever you are smoking it is doing permanent damage to your brain. If you hate the USA so much, why do you hang out on a US based website?

    By the way, "Way to go" Canada! Sign the Kyoto accord for a photo op and make the US look bad, then years later Canada pulls out! Why? Because Canada cannot meet the accord! At least GW Bush came out "up front" and said it wasn't attainable. Canadian politicians are slimeballs, just like the majority of politicians worldwide.
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  2. In reply to this, the above poster is absolutely correct. The politicans in Canada, are from the same flesh as their American counterparts. Kyoto was fairly unpopular in some areas of Canada.
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  3. Thank you.

    Now, despite Canadian voter mentally being primarily "Liberal" & "Socialist", isn't the new Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper doing a good job with the Canadian Economy? He lowered income taxes, GST etc.

    I would personally like to see him fix the Canadian Health Care system and brought up to par with US Standards. Far too many people on eternal wait lists for critical health services in Canada. If Canada can find some way to fix the system it would be a good model for the USA. In the meantime, health care in the USA is far superior with top notch Doctors, technology and facilities. If Americans would only consider the difference in Income Tax paid in Canada vs the US they would understand that with a US health insurance plan, they are way ahead.

    From one who knows from decades in both countries.:D
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  4. the doctors should all be "conscripted" at canadian med schools. They should increase the size of the current program by 3 fold, and If you want to enter, you must agree to a call back to work in Canada for up to 4 years after med school. This would force graduates to stay in Canada.
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  5. Cutten


    Yeah, I can imagine that would make lots of graduates want to enter the medical profession. Why earn big bucks in finance or law when you can become a slave to the Canadian government for 1/10th of the salary?
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  6. Poole


    why isnt CAD strengthening already

    I need to re-enter short
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  7. Poole


    what a trade this has been

    I called this one to perfection, long all the way from .91 and still long

    going to exit final step at 1.02

    now i can only hope it goes back down so i can relong it sub 1
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  8. That's a signal in itself..:cool:
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  9. jellylip


    Damn, she shot right up though didn't she. good god man lookout.

    what made her shoot up so much. It didn't surprise me all that much.
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  10. Yes, and the SSI showed that USD/CAD was a STRONG SELL right there, too. And where is it now?

    Don't have to answer. I think I proved how "coincidental" the indicator is.
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