Why to short the Canadian Dollar

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  1. What do you think Boone Pickens has been doing? And Arabs too. I think they now own about 15% of all oil sands stocks.
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  2. Poole


    yeah right lol

    you canadian lovers are all DREAMING

    the new exchange rates are going to lag for at LEAST another 12 months, but canada just posted its worst export performance in 10 years.....

    wait and see what happens 12 months from now after the forwards and hedges start expiring, especially if the canadian dollar is stronger than now.....

    Canada will be bleeding out of every orifice possible....

    range trading USDCAD long here between .82 and 1.00 is a no brainer..... I hope it stays here for like 3 years mired between bad usa news and bad canada news


    PS to the poster above me, no-one cares anymore whether a country is healthy to do business in, all that matters these days is profits. China is the posterboy for this mindset. And what canadians haven't figured out yet (canadians dont seem to be very smart on this angle) is that canada has just priced itself out of the market. I live in Los Angeles and i can tell you right now I have seem many meetings where very large contracts for professional services such as web development, advertising, filming etc etc are not going to be renewed with Canadian companies because it can now be done cheaper in Los Angeles.

    All hail the currency wars
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  3. The above poster was right, in saying that a lot of new media jobs will be heading back to the States. I can tell you in particular, the film industry in Vancouver has dropped off, and businesses are struggling to find new markets.

    Oh well, well manage without the States, eventually.
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  4. Poole


    and usdcad has rallied 6% off the bottom, what a surprise (not)

    taken 50% profit, keep taking profit all the way up to 1.02

    re-enter if usdcad goes down again

    re-enter .94 .92 .90 .88 .86 .84 and .82

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  5. jmccain


    I think it would be smart for all Canadians to buy cheap US$ assets, with their oil profits. Especially if the US$ and real estate cratters even more in the next few years.

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  6. My system just generated a long signal on USDCAD. This means I have to buy at the close. It is a scarey feeling. I think I feel sick.
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  7. wow. great fucking luck. try to go short the USD once in a while and look what that gets me.

    Oh well. Should've just stuck with short CAD.
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  8. Poole


    you should have been buying all the way down

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    thread gone very quiet since USDCAD rallied 8% now
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  10. i was always long USD as shitty as the fundamentals are. Its just plain in the interest of the joeblow Canadian manufacturers.
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