Why TM_Direct is ruining Elite Trader!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Speakingout, Jun 14, 2003.

  1. I am sure that many of you have at one time or another read one of the replies from TM_Direct. He began his account on November 2002, just about 8 months ago. In that time he has accumulated 1468 posts with an average post frequency of about 5-6 posts per day. Furthermore, I am sure that most of you that have had direct experience with this posts, have found 99% of this posts to be simple quick retorts of the most negative sort. He has continuously and constantly disrupted and ruined some of the most interesting of threads with negativity and useless comments meant to provoke and ruin the elite trader board experience. My interest in posting this is that since this is an open board and the moderators, according to policy will not filter out what is essentially free speech, I have decided to work within that system and start this thread in the Psychology section about TM_Direct to offer him advice and for others to post their feelings about this kind of mentality that lurks on the elite trader site and what causes it and how to change it.
    I believe that it is time to clean up and take back a site that is now being proliferated by useless replies from people whose only intent is to ruin and keep others down because of what I believe is a lack of success in their lives most likely in the arena of trading.
    Yes I have posted with a new member name to remain anonymous so that TM_Direct will not have someone to post to and attack directly. I will however be their as one of you hopefully replying to this thread. Think of this thread as a petition.
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    did he? I though he was pretty coherent in chit chat.
  3. just how do you propose to do this "cleaning up"?
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    Get past it. :cool:

  5. TM_Direct is a True Brother... we must allow him to speak...
  6. Isn't there an "ignore" feature. That would seem to solve your problem.
  7. Yeah like Rotten is your brother haha ! Do you mean that you want me to leave the board to let you Candleracist & your brothers Rotten & Co make free speech ? Yeah you are very tolerant when you want ...

  8. TM_Direct rocks. He is a stand up guy, no doubt.
  9. YAwn,,,,,,

    I go away to the Carolina for a little vacation and this is what i come back to???.....Sounds like an A/A complaint....OK you got me , from now on Im going to be 'kinder and gentler":D ....Can't believe you wrote sooo much about me.....Makes me feel loved..:p
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    TM Direct............I think he adds flavor to the board. He is top 10 material....:D
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