Why thread for "Banning Scalpz again" is deleted

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Nana Trader, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. He is harmful to ET 30 members
    He is harmless to ET 12 members

    I hope Baron had seen this thread and
    saw how shamelessly rude this scalpzy acted
  2. The Complain Button should be effective, if a poster offends you. I suppose only Baron can Ban guests and he would need to have a lot of Complaints..

    sKaLpZ, claims to be a comedy writer on more than one occasion, and he needs this outlet.

    If ET is the appropriate place for him, then I guess this is also Elite Entertainment?

    Michael B.

    P.S. You can always go back in the archives and hit complain...or PM Magna and/or Baron
  3. I don't think of him as comedian and not funny at all,
    he is an imposter.

    Second, you can't complain all day with his 6-8 posts a
    day, and many members even don't bother, though they
    don't like it.

    I have seen many useful ET members Gone for bad, and
    guy like him stays :confused:

    Look at his profile, he offers one of one training for new
    traders for money , because he know many members
    eventually click on his profile.

    If free advertising allowed in ET, then everyone should
    start it from tomorrow
  4. The thread was deleted because it became a foul flame war- even by Chit Chat standards.
  5. You shouldn't be so quick to hate people, Nanny.

    This is Baron's website, not yours.

    And, don't be so obsessed with a single ET member: You look like a stalker.

  6. cable


    WHAT? An imposter? Here on ET?!? Impossible!!

    Good one, Cable. :D
  8. Hillarious......:confused:
  9. <p align=center><embed src="http://home.interlynx.net/~jeremym/Cypress%20Hill%20-%20Insane%20In%20The%20Brain.mp3" safehtml autostart="false" loop="3"></p>
  10. This guy is obviously trolling. Ban his ass.
    #10     Jul 7, 2005