Why those not boosted are not dying massively? Strange

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    Our genius level hero Biden warned us good lil slaves, that there will be winter of death for those not jabbed.
    He promised it.
    So I look at the stats:
    USA only 30% boosted with 3rd dose
    Mexico 38% boosted
    Monaco 27% boosted - and they have very high population density
    Colombia 23% boosted - and they are poor in hygiene!
    and absolute horror....

    Switzerland only 43% boosted?
    Why is the rest not dying in pain and not infecting others? WTF?
    Bangladesh is just 8% boosted, and you know how many people live there? Over 100 million.
    Ever saw cities in India? And their personal hygiene? India is 2% boosted, so the rest should be dead by now.

    Could be it be....... i mean, no its impossible, as politicians never lie, esp those on the left, as those on the right lie always..... that hmmmmmmmmmmm Biden is a liar?

    Or mistaken by Fauci? Whoooaaaaaa

    Why are all these governments, who care, care about us, not forcing people to get a 4th jab? AaAArghhh! THis world is soo wrong!
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    Bangladesh, Haiti .... are poor countries.
    When the children are born, only the very fit ones can survive.
    The poor don't have money to send the sick children to the hospital.
    So the sick children died early.
    Those who survived childhood don't really need jabs.

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    So far, almost 5 million people (globally) have died from a severe Covid illness, and the United States has disproportionately with 1 million of those Covid deaths...

    Most were adults that had survived their childhood required jabs when they were enrolled in the U.S. school system (e.g. smallpox meningitis vaccines)...required in most states of the U.S.

    Yet, numbers aren't really a big deal unless one of those children is yours and you want your child to grow up to reach adulthood instead of having the bury your child from an infectious disease.

    I went to schools in France, Kentucky, and Illinois...the above were required vaccinations. Parents bringing their children (I'm in the below pic as a kid...Kentucky/military family...not that far from the base) to get vaccinated at the school.


    I thought he specifically was talking about those that are immuno-compromise, elderly or have known underly medical conditions to get "boosted".

    Everybody else especially the unvaccinated, he gave them the warning to get boosted vaccinated considering at the time of those comments we're around 60% vaccinated...

    60% is a percentage not high enough to protect the most vulnerable of the population in the U.S.A. and I remember that speech about getting boosted was aimed at the most vulnerable to get vaccinated.
    • As for the other countries you mention, he doesn't control their public healthcare policy, mandates nor restrictions in those countries.
    Simply, globally, we're under-vaccinated and that increases the chance for Covid to continue mutating (extend the Pandemic) along with not being able to protect the most vulnerable of the global population if they were to develop a severe Covid infection.

    In fact, if I remember correctly, we only need about 1.5% of Covid severely ill patients in the global population to over-run the global hospital care system to a point that they will need to resort to triage medical care and then burning of the Covid dead in the streets like what happened in India and Brazil.

    President Biden and the prior President Trump...Trump did lockdowns/masks/restictions and Biden did mandates/masks/restrictions. Yet, both could only slow it down but not stop it because the United States has too many Covidiots trying desperately to turn a health crisis into a political argument...

    People actually died of Covid after publicly announcing their anger on social media against mandates even though they worked directly with the public...others would have maskless indoor parties in protest...

    Encouraging the Pandemic to go longer while forgetting inflation was starting to rise and then Russia starts a war with Ukraine. People of the United States fucked themselves because we're still in this damn Pandemic at the worst possible time.



    Burning bodies in the streets because hospitals are overflowing with Covid Dead may not be a big deal to those into Viking Burial Ceremonials but it does scare the hell out of other countries like the United States that has made a health crisis a political debate.

    Just as interesting, both the United States and Canada were hit with Covid about the same time...continually with each Variant of Concern.

    One decided to make it a debate about liberty and rights...the other country did not as in much less. Guess which country has much lower Covid numbers than the other because the population is more vaccinated and followed public health guidelines better than the other country ???

    Answer: Canada

    P.S. On the other side...one could say why those boosted are not dying massively as predicted by the Covidiots considering overall in North America our Covid numbers for Hospitalization & Deaths are declining...although we still have a few hotspots (counties with Covid breakouts).

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  4. Nobody is dying from Covid in the county that I live in.
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    Sooo, North Korea? I hear they just got their first case and locked down the country. Welcome to the club! Teehee!
  6. Bro, I said "county" not country. :banghead:
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    Oh, sorry. Well, it was still funny.
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