Why Thomas Sowell abandoned Marxism

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    "TheDC: I read that you identified yourself as a Marxist in your college days. What prompted your change in ideology?

    TS: I was a Marxist I guess for a decade from about the time I was 20 to 30 roughly. What changed my mind was not anything I had read. I was a Marxist when I went into Milton Friedman’s course at [the University of] Chicago and I was a Marxist when I came out of it.

    What changed me was working as an economic intern in the government in 1960 and discovering what the government bureaucracies were like in terms of their motivations and how they do their job. I immediately realized government is not the answer. Life taught me. I think that is true for most people.

    Most of the leading conservatives were not conservatives when they were young. Milton Friedman was a liberal, he even described himself in his autobiography as Keynesian in his thinking. Friedrich Hayek was a socialist. Ronald Reagan was so far left that the FBI was keeping an eye on him. So you run through the list — of course the whole neoconservative movement was on the left initially. And the same thing happened in Europe and elsewhere. A lot of the indoctrination that takes place in educational institutions begin to erode when people get into the real world and start thinking for themselves."
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    Unfortunately even after getting out in the real world not everyone starts thinking for themselves. They remain liberals.
  3. That's what I'm talking about when I say that Democrats would lose the Black vote if Blacks got jobs in the private sector with paychecks. They would be Republicans! They are already social conservatives.. So the Democrats keep them on welfare in ghettos and tell them the problem is with the other people outside the ghettos. The USSR did the same thing; kept people from finding out what a real life was like and told them continually that capitalism was on the verge of collapse.
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    We have several examples of that very flaw in some humans right here in this forum. Like the old axiom states:

    "If you're not a liberal when you are young, you have no heart. But if your not a conservative when you grow older, you have no brain."

    There are indeed a few ameba brains here that can't make the transition.
  5. Government is not the answer , but yet the republicans so desperately yearn to be the government.:(.
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    So we can chop the shit out of it and start bringing it back to a Constitutional government.

    Please read my comment just above yours. :p
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    Competition, profit motive, and free enterprise is so innately superior to government that even the soviet union created entrepeneurial units when they needed something creative done. The famous fighter jet design bureaus like MiG and Sukhoi are examples.

    Communists are a stupidly naive lot, and they generally attract unproductive losers as followers. Some 100 years after the labor theory of value was shown for the fallacy that it is, some people still think communism is the ultimate. Everyone knows that communists societies must be held together at gunpoint yet jackasses like Sean Penn hold up Che Guevara and Chavez as models. go figure