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    Life savings lost in scam
    Richard Owen, writing Queensland Ink

    ALMOST 1000 Australians appear to have lost more than $40 million chasing bogus returns of 180 per cent a year from a Singapore group with links to an international network of swindlers.


    "The thing that concerns me is the (US) prosecutor did have all the information on the fact that Bill was doing some real currency trading (through Microfund) . ," Muirhead said.

    If the moderator is psychopatic I can also simulate the same behavior.
  2. ...one surmises. The server saw that it was authored by you and filed it appropriately. (Autom)atic, not (psychop)atic. And BTW, you could never aspire to be psychopatic [sic]. Your best is merely psychopathetique.
  3. Everest


    Because there is little relevance to real traders. If a bunch of Aussies, poms, or yamks for that matter are stupid enough to believe that a real profitable trading system can be bought then so be it. It is chit chat. It warrants no further investigation. This will always happen, because greed and stupidity are bedfellows.

    Caveat Emptor.

    Why not worry a little less about the injustices of the trading world, and concentrate on becoming a better trader?

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