Why thinking in money term is bad?

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  1. Say you place the stop when the trade moves against you by $2000?
  2. Is the $2,000 figure a specific percentage of your account or a "critical price" on the charts? Is it a random choice?
  3. It's just a "comfort zone" for drawdown.
  4. It is all percentages to me. Money is just the tool to make gains.
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    Because Mr. Market neither know your entry point nor care about your gain or loss, Mr. Market care only about price movement and volume as a whole, not one trader particular size. Then it's better to concentrate on price movement of the stock instead of your gain and loss.
  6. This is too generic to speak on intelligently.

    What is this?

    Shares of stock being traded intra-day?

    Multiple contracts of E-Mini's?



    What % of the total performance bond does this represent?