Why these signal providers go wrong horribly

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  1. Anyways the traders on zulutrade don't get paid to make you money.. they get paid to put up unstable huge gains and transact capital for brokers. The more volume they transact and more unstable the strategy the more they make and most are traded from demo accounts.

    There are some actual signal providers out there that do what they say they do or "attempt". Just like hedge funds though not all make money in the long term. Most of these guys fail to make money or fail to outperform the market.

    There are very few tho that focus on capital retention.. I would find one of them
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    I believe that what they do and the reason they are performing so badly has to do with the fact that they trade on virtual/demo accounts.
    See, f they were putting their money on stake then things would have been quite different. My platform(zulutrade ) has a distinctive indicators to actually make the selection better.
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    Not all of them, I just got a decent profit last month but it depends hugely on the timing I guess. [​IMG]
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    Nothing wrong with it. Simple math equation tells us intrinsically than every trader loses in the long-run.The point is to find appropriate time for exit, because you can and you have to step in in that process.

    The same applied to the trading with signal provider. Perhaps any of them is profitable at certain period of time, the point is to define that period. And its quite possible especially after close analysis of his trades. Once I have integrated MQL 5 signal provider feed in my Mercerfx account, sometimes trades in my account were executed even better than his because of less slippage. For one month of signal feed I managed by ear to do a close-up on his trades and take over some techy tricks that were not something from public source.

    Never think about Forex in long-term or make plans on it. For me its a one day earnings.
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    Which simple math equation?
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  6. Here's one:

    Day trader = lose shirt.
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    Haha, actually you guys can find more visiting Forex wiki page. There is no sense to duplicate that content there
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    Just as I suspected: there is no such "simple math equation".
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  9. i guess the act of providing signals is easy, its finding a reliable one thats hard, there is nothing wrong in taking into account what signal providers provide, but i usually compare and look into more than just one signal prvider and even use social media such as twitter for singals.
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