why there is sudden down?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stocktrader2007, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. I agree nasdaq is still up.. But its fluctuating heavily..??
  2. Welcome to the stock market.
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    Big reversal in AAPL for whatever reason. Maybe Steve Jobs got caught smoking a jablonski.
  4. Relax citizens, go back to your lives.
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    I like your humor makloda :)
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  7. buy this dip

    the buyers WILL bid it back up

    still 2 more hours of tradsing time 2 buy w3rd
  8. This is beautiful!
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    why do so many worry when this bull market has been going strong for 5 years straight, i dont understand it.

    I can see news alerts all over cnbc at the close as to why the market is down.

    Its only up over 1500 points since it bottomed on August 16th, I think its due for a small correction, dont you.

    Also how come when the market falls for weeks straight, does cnbc have to have the round table discussions as to why its falling, but when its skyrocketing and jumping 1-2% a week do they not think twice about it being "overbought".

    ratings?? or??

    haha, cant wait to see how they sell their programming in the next bear market.
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