why there is no hope

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Mav88, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. Mav88


    Pelosi, Reid, Sharpton, and the unions say no cuts to entitlements, none whatsover.

    We are back at 2007 level federal revenues but the federal spending is more than $1T higher. All those bullshit sudden ineffective 'stimulus' increases in medicare, disability, etc. are 'untouchable necessities' now. Proposed higher taxes won't come close to closing the gap.

    The dishonesty of those miserable fuckers, I can never compromise with that shit. It is a socialist vote gathering scheme pure and simple- a one way political ratchet designed to crank up then scream about fairness when somebody wants it pulled back....

    if any of you have delusions about some sort of grand compromise to save this place, forget it. Welcome to the end of liberty, this is what it looks like.

    Your future looks like Italy but worse, imagine Italy with Brazil's race demographics, powerfully deadly. We need to split up into some sort of federation where each region can run it's entitlement system as it sees fit.
  2. BSAM


    Oh...brother Mav,...you are much too superfluous in your explanation.
    Let me sum this up for you in only two words, brother Mav:

    Barack Obama.
  3. Mav88


    I suppose.

    But what a joke this 'new compromise environment' is. People really are that stupid.
  4. BSAM


    Naw...They just like gifts.:p :D
  5. Imo, if it's any consolation. Free shit doesn't make people happy, it only keeps them from being unhappy. Soon all the freeloaders will need a reload of goodies before they get po'd with the system and the current bag of free stuff.
  6. Lucrum


    I have no such illusions. This country IS the Titanic.

    I'm all for breaking up the US. The history/destiny of this once great nation has simply run it's course. We're divided by irreconcilable differences. With one of if not the most divisive POTUS in our nations history in the WH.
    Countries and or borders have been absorbed divided or dissolved all throughout history. Why does it have to be so unthinkable to do it again, here?
  7. BSAM


    If the ignorant whites, blacks, and browns had not been allowed to vote in the 2012 election, how many electoral college votes would Obama have gotten?

  8. Sorry,this country will never be divided.You are free to leave but you are not taking US land.For the folks who dont like it here bring your asses to Canada or something :)
  9. BSAM


    Brother AK, please look on your historical radar and tell me what comes prior to a country being broken up.
  10. Lucrum


    We're ALREADY divided, just not by new/different borders, yet.
    I belong here more than...you belong at Elite Trader.com

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