Why there are so many replies here bashing women?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by latinotrader, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Whenever posts get around women
    I read many topics bashing them

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    From what I have seen I wouldn't call the vast majority of comments concerning women "bashing". Disrespectful, yes - like comments concerning anyone and anything on forums without strict sensorship.

    What suffers from excessive "bashing" is the conventional type of relationship as promoted in Disney cartoons.
  3. If a pig talked ugly about a cow, would you call that bashing? Or inter-species bickering?
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    Probably due to dealing with a sociopathic female in their past. Makes one wary.
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    I see this thread is failing miserably at sparking the usual flame war. Perhaps, Latinotrader is the only one who finds the staement in the opening post surprising.
  6. That is because it is stating the obvious. Have you ever heard a kaffeeklatch of women talking about their husbands when they don't think they can hear? Thurber had it right: "The War Between Men and Women." I think he wrote "Is Sex Necessary?" after that.
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    Haha! Very good point. How could I have missed it?

    Do you recommend reading some of this Thurber guy? Could be more powerful stuff than "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus".
  8. He died when I was 16, so I didn't read him until later in life, when it was too late to do me any good, I was long married by then (VERY long). He was nearly blind, but an excellent cartoonist, my favorite one attached. His books are dry wit, not much to today's taste. But fairly candid about the nature of marriage in his time.
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    Since this site is dominated by the white male here is why.....

    Maybe because women have abandoned their traditional role in society and at thats to stay at home.

    Call me what you like but a woman's primary job is at home - cooking/cleaning/bearing children and looking after them and also taking care of yours truly him.... yes and putting the kettle on

    But what do we have today - equal rights - so white women don't want sex anymore its dirty, dont't want to cook, don't want children etc etc

    No wonder western society demographics are up side down and the white race will be diluted by those races that hold true traditional family values. Other races are needed to look after the ageing white population whose young women refuse to bear children because her job outside the home is more important.

    Its the white male's anger and frustation thats surfacing through female bashing.

    Show me a household with a man who does his job - providing for his family and a woman who does her job - looking after him & kids - I will show you a happy family.
  10. I can only add: "Oink! Oink! Oink!" A woman's home is in her place!
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