Why there are so many different opinions about TST

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    i've been funded once for a month time and twice i failed the Combine. I am into the trading for 4 years and i am planning to go thought the combine on fresh. But why in the web there are so many negative reviews?

    Whats your opinion? Do you know somebody so is funded for longer than a year time?

    I will be glad for as mush information as possible about the TST.

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. You pose this question like you think everybody knows what "TST" is.

    Did yo' mama teach you no manners?
  3. BobyP,

    I did the TST for about 6 months and have zero compliants. I enjoyed there and plan to return there in a few months to attempt getting funded again.
  4. I looked into it for a friend a couple of years back.

    TST is a good learning resource (cheaper than blowing an account) though unless it changed it focuses on Futures scalping intraday and this only works for a tiny % of people, works very well for them but you have to be pretty special.

    Swing trading Futures is a better way to start for beginners but as positions must be closed for news and mandatory exits..
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    are you lazy to say what TST stands for?
  6. BobyP


    Thanks. I am planing to do it as well.

    In my point of view most of the skeptical reviews are from people who don't know how difficult is to be profitable as a day trader in real.

    Btw whats your opinion which of the combine is the best one? Why? I am picking btw the 30k and the 150k. What about you?
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    You might want to check out the EarnToTrade service who is a sponsor on this site. I do not have direct experience with either EarnToTrade or TST, but the draw down restrictions for both pre and post funding seem unreasonably low for TST.
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    There are few reasons why you see negative or skeptical views about such a model ( TST and other)
    and Yes as skeptic about this model I do know that it is difficult to be profitable, so hope you don't dismiss all skeptical views as rubbish
    Here are some general reason (you dont have to agree with them)
    - Repeat hamster wheel of "Tests fees" so if it takes you few of these tests by the time you get funded some of the money is actually yours
    - When true top level props dont charge such fees but then it is difficult to get in to them
    so the appeal to masses of firms like TST! but in reality what % do really get funded?
    - Alternatives, specially with Futures you can sim trade for a while at no cost with any regulated broker and then you think you have the skills honed you can opens real money account and keep 100% of P?L
    - Some of these firms are not very clear about what is the actual Money that is in account
    For example I can fund you for $125000 + by just having $500 from his he own pocket as for example 1 ES contract day trading margin is only $500
    But If I market myself as "Get funded for $125000 and not mention that it is notional value thne it would be bit doggy on my part
    - Human psychology: It is alleged often that such firms thousands loosing on test fees day in day out and since they have only lost $200-$600 they don't complaint!
    Imagine if the Test fee was $10000 then it would be a diff situation
    IMHO this model can be improved to take away the stigma of Test fee hamster wheel
    But it depends upon the motive of the business owner
    Best of luck, It would be great to see if somebody who has done this openly shares
    1) how much they have spent
    2) How much they really got funded for and for how long
    Any way it is your money, and it seems you are already convinced.
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  9. BobyP,

    I respect and think about people reviews, after all we are all trying to make profitable business decisions. So other opinions is needed.

    You did great asking questions.

    For me, it's simple. TST will had a challange where if I pay them $150 per month, they will give me $1500 to build my trading capital.

    After 10 months (10x150=$1500) and I am not building capital but still in combine losing money, then TST is winning and I am losing.

    If I can turn $1500 into +$5000 within 10 months, my goal is accomplished.

    I like TST.

    I pick 30k combine cause I don't predict my trading style or performance having a drawdown of $1500 before reaching $5000

    I hope answered your question. If not please ask me more questions.
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    Thanks for the answer. I totally agree.
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