Why There Are Psychopaths

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  2. I believe some people are just Born evil....they have that predisposition Gene/personality to be nefarious, deviant and conniving.

    And no amount of conditioning and nurturing and nature/environmental variables will really change that.

    I pride myself on always having been a keen observer of human nature and psychology.
    Ever since Kindergarten...when all the other kids were talking, laughing, I would just kind of stare and observe and be mute.

    Me and Sex, for example,.....you cannot ever get me to cheat, or woo me with the flesh of a female.
    A lot of males can cheat so easily, or be tempted, by the female form....not me.
    I have a strong moral code, fiber.

    I guess that's what makes a good trader....an observer of human psychology, and human nature. Along with a strong, solid, character.
    This industry and game is filled with jackoff clowns.
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  3. apparently you think blue eyes are a predictor
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    I wish i used Belfort with his head from bit closer & slightly leaning to the left.

    But a good insight.


    Jack you should enlist into their event, sounds like a bargain. 25 grand only.


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    That guy Rogan interviewed doesn't know shit about psychopathy. He keeps saying that you have to "commit a crime" like murder in order to be classified as a psychopath. That is completely wrong. Most psychopaths are not criminals and not all criminal are psychopaths. It's sad that he doesn't even know what DSM-5 stand for.

    BTW psychopathy is mainly diagnosed using the Hare's Psychopathy Checklist.
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    I think in the end he tells kinda the same, with the story of the professor.
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    This was in reference to the author of this book. You should read it if you're into this stuff.

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  8. I agree. There are indeed some evil people among us who belong to a tribe that clearly has a gene-defect or so.
    Luckily it's is a minority, but they unfortunately have a big control over everything. They are everywhere, they have infiltrated every important spot at all levels, they are very secretly networked, they are very effective! It's the cabal or so.
    I sometimes think these evil people cannot be humans, they can only be some hostile shape-shifting space aliens that is the forefront to first infiltrate and finally invade and overtake the planet. Far-fetched sci-fi? :D
    They Live!
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  9. It is a missing function of a brain area that makes psychopaths not having any feeligns for people. If you don't have feelings for others, people are like items of no value to you, like stones, until potential is seen or a reward is given by them, then the "item" gets value.
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    No. That trait is in all of us to varying degrees. We all exist somewhere on the spectrum.
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