Why the word heresy bothers me.

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  1. Why is the word heresy to force people away from true thought, and to cower into mindless belief? Why is it acknowledged as a legitimate thing to say?

    If you have questions about the legitimacy of a religion, ask them. If it's not real, then why the f*ck are we believing in it?

    Shouting heresy in response to someone seeking objective truth is silly.

    It's like saying the sky is red, and someone says "but isn't the sky blue?" and you respond "How DARE you ask such a question!".

    Can we have a grownup discussion please? Is this kindergarten?

    Heresy= I don't want to hear what you have to say. Let me stay in a bubble of make believe.

    I am religious by the way.
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    I thought heresy was a disagreement about a line of thought? And why does it have to be about religion?

    For example, it would be heresy to think that in the original game "Quake", you should be able to win the game by "rocket jumping". That is just not the way the game was designed to be won.

    It is an unorthodox way to win. It is heretical to the way the game was "meant" to be played.
  3. Heresy: Belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious doctrine.
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    Thanks for your input, but you have a narrow vision and grasp of the English language. Stop looking stuff up on your damned phone, and read a book once or twice in your life. A single definition of a word makes not the whole concept of said word. Context is lost on the youth. WTF.

    Read definition number two. It is not negated by definition number one.

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    Well this is just one of the issues with any developed religion. It is inherently based on beliefs which are accepted as fact through a decision of faith, not on the basis of demonstrable evidence or repeatable experimentation or measured observation or even probability.

    It follows that faith in a developed alternative view automatically means faith in the original view is lost. The worth or applicability or benefits of the alternative view are irrelevant, these are matters of faith anyway, not matters of argument.

    But in practical terms, the more developed the religion, the more likely it is to accommodate alternative viewpoints. Whether this makes it a better religion or a more advanced religion is a matter of individual decision. There is a fairly strong viewpoint that the moral and organisational hoops through which e.g. the Anglican church has subjected itself to in recent years does not actually indicate a particularly firm set of beliefs. Without these, what is a religion?
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    Religion = faith as much as atheist = faith.
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    No faith = faith = heresy (definition 2b):p
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    I think some people confuse the words hearsay and heresy or blend the meaning. I've seen it before.
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    Not to be confused with Hershey.
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    The Bible is fake news!! :))
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