Why the whole "don't raise taxes" whining by the right is a fraud

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  1. I had a conversation with a dittohead yesterday. All they did was bitch about raising taxes.

    I said, "Okay. Let's say that Obama came out with a plan to kill Muslims in the middle east...and needed to raise taxes to kill Muslims in the middle east. Would you mind a tax increase for that purpose?"

    The dittohead said, "Hell no, kill them all. They can raise taxes all they like to do that."

    So, it really isn't about taxes being raised...

    It is all about where the tax money would be spent...

    The right wing hates it when tax revenue goes to helping Americans have a better life, but loves it when taxes are spent killing the "others" that they hate.
  2. Thanks 77. Interesting perspective.
  3. You don't have to go far to realize that an average republican voter is a fool.

    They want a strong military, low taxes and a small government. All those things are incompatible yet they still repeat those foolish notions.
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    And you believe that democrats are wise and know that you can't have what you can't pay for?

  6. Some wonderful display of non sequitur logic.

    Obama is wrong about the stimulus but THE CORE BELIEFS OF THE REPUBLICAN FAITHFUL ARE WRONG
  7. You most likely had a conversation with yourself during one of your deluded episodes. Nice try though.
  8. I see you can't handle the truth...

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    Because all or even the majority of Republicans agree with the one Republican you talked to, right? All or even the majority of Republicans want to kill Muslims, right?

    You're reaching.

    Also, be sure not to confuse conservative Republicans with neo-conservative Republicans.

    There's some Democrat voters and a handful in Congress who are for smaller government and less taxes, too, just like those Republicans. I bet they also want to kill Muslims, right?
  10. Not all, just most.

    When has the right wing ever rebuked raising taxes when it was considered by the right in the best interest of national security?

    Not until Bush came along and suggested that we can wage wars without sacrifice by all Americans, i.e. raising taxes, did we really see the underbelly of the right wing when it comes to real conservatism, principles of shared sacrifice for the sake of national security, and the genuine lack of concern for the military and their families...

    I don't know how many times I read in this forum right wingers write off the wounded and killed soldiers and their families as "Well...they volunteered for the job."

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