Why the USD is strengthening?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by belmondo, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. belmondo


    I understand why stocks are falling but why $ is strengthening? I do not understand the explanation of "less risk". If US economy and China is not goint to recover as quic as everybody thougt, why usd is up? thank you

  2. With such logic you never will understand.

    The simplest of the simplest answers is, "The USD's long-term downtrend reversed"

    So it doesn't matter what anybody else is doing or who is fckin who or whether stocks are goin up. The $'s trend is UP. End of story! :)
  3. 'Cause we all scared...
  4. Dixie dropped to her knees on 6/7 @ 88.51..fell 9% to 80.36 with hardly a counter trend rally. Taking out all the gains from April - June in equal amount of time.

    Fundamentals mean shite in this mkt. Thinking about the "whys" is irrelevent in this mkt. Thinking is counter productive...

    "Why is the DXY strengthening?" - because its time is my answer.

    And by the way, she is my bitch and I dont like sharing. :)