Why the USA is DOOMed video

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  1. harkm


    They must have done those interviews at a nascar event.
  2. 1) Look at the boobs they interviewed.

    2) They only show a sampling of the answers. For all we know, 100 other people answered the questions correctly.

    3) That same "test" could be given in any other country in the world and most of the answers would be wrong.
  3. Clearly made by a group with an anti-american bias. Therefore worthless.
  4. contract


    just like your trading account eh ruski :p
  5. "Kofi is a drink",

    This stuff IS funnier than almost any comedian save Robin Williams. I'll bet there are homeless people who can name a country that begins with a "U". ( ...utopian, Utah). The title to this thread is so perfect. An observation: how can any of these people afford gold necklaces? Also, some of these people think all we need for survival is for our Army to be able to kick anyone's ass and they'll be able to make a living. Wait a minute, looks like they are making a living. Hmmmm.