Why the teacher was killed?

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  1. This is relative truth. So it is a parable. However, there is a truth beyond what this teacher and similar teachers teach. A teacher is always teaching who he is to himself. This will lead him to know himself...or not. Identity is the only thing that is ever being taught, regardless of words used. This teacher taught himself that he was vulnerable by teaching others that they are vulnerable, and in need of protection. They are left in a state of fear, without a clear path out.

    Ok. Freedom is what it's all about. But freedom of the body always comes at the expense of freedom of the mind. The Son of God is not a body, so he is free. If you teach Christians, or anyone, that they cannot be free unless their body is free is to further enslave them. A true Christian is one who is reducing his investment in bodily expectations determined to exodus a world in which true freedom is a relative farce and unobtainable. A true Christian is one who is preparing himself for a single moment when he will be delivered from the realm of time, returning his awareness to eternity. This is not accomplished by death, but rather a decision for the truth. There is no delay from the time the decision is made, to the time the truth is experienced.

    Bodily freedom seems to be obtained by a few. But unless all are free, none are free. That is not an achievable goal in this world, and not worth the time and energy to attempt.

    Equality and freedom are not of this world. So the solution is to divest in this world and invest in where knowledge prevails, by investing in knowledge-like perceptions. There is no true knowledge in this world, certainly not inherent in this world. It is introduced into this world in a relative fashion, such as through words...through perception. The best you can do is make your perceptions "right"....to percieve in a way that resembles knowledge. Knowledge knows nothing of this world. It literally does not exist. I repeat: There is no world! Knowledge spends no time on attempting to fix what is unfixable, what was intended to be problematic. So a *righteous* perceiver will begin to see that he knows nothing of this world because it is literally unknowable. What makes no sense cannot be known. Therefore, it cannot be judged without jeapardizing right perception.

    To percieve rightly, begin to let go of everything you ever thought you knew...unlearn everything you have taught yourself over some millions of years wandering about in realms of perception. Consider that there is nothing right or wrong about this world because it literally DOES NOT EXIST! To make it right or wrong lends it a semblance of reality which it does not inherently have. It only makes it real for you, and for those you teach who believe you. On this path, the practice of sleuthing out bad guys is utterly counter productive, except that it is symbolic. As counterproductive, it will literally bind your feet to this world. And if you are nailed down to earth, you will die with everything that dies in this world...which is everything.

    Yes, sleuth out the truth! See that deception is self-imposed and nearly total in its grip. But understand that the NWO agenda is a small, symbolic representation of the total deception. There are yet five liars even in your own house that are far more deceptive than the cabals of the world. Their names are: Sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing! Add your own emotions and thoughts to this list and the deception is 99.999% total. It is the .0001% of common sense left to you that will save you.

  2. people are compulsively addicted to the comfort zone. its not a long time after mankind has been traumatized to the roots of its being, and this is the reason why sanity is so rare and precious, and why teachers need to realize what they are dealing with in order to avoid upset and loss, and perhaps worse.

    they took giordano bruno out to the city square one day and burned him at the stake after driving a large nail through his tongue. man speaks of such events casually today, almost jokingly. i do not take such things that way. thomas taylor's hands froze in the position he used for holding his pen to translate the entire works of the greek philosophers into english. antonio vivaldi lies in a pauper's grave, as does mozart. men who enlightened the world who went through every conceivable kind of living hell coming up against a world that was in rejection of their light. its a tragedy that is written on every line of the portraits of rembrandt and van gogh.

    its the most powerful thing in the universe, and nothing can ever keep truth down or out. all our walls are as nothing. we approach the dissolution of those walls. people can now choose whether to like that process, to get with it, and be okay with it, to let it enter their lives willingly, or not as the case may be. one has to find the still point, one's bliss.