Why the "rubber meets the road" Hershey thread?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by trader56, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. I don't post much, but am curious:
    Why is the Rubber Meets the Road thread with Hershey in it constantly having anything critical of his methods removed?
    Is this the mod, Oracle that does this?

    I ask because it's totally inconsistant with the the way the rest of this place is run where anything except outright spam/advertizing is tolerated.

    By the way, Oracle might want to re-read (or perhaps read in the first place) Taleb's Fooled by Randomness. Taleb does not say the markets are random, only that people underestimate the degree to which events - including markets - have a random component to them that may help account for degrees of relative success or failure.
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    Mark, that thread has had multiple issues in which there has been an abusive poster who routinely posts there to disrupt the thread. In order to take care of the situation moderators have taken a more aggressive approach to the thread.
  3. Joe, this has gone far beyond moderating the person who came in and constantly posted the graphs and tax lien info.

    EVERY post even remotely critical of Hershey is deleted, yet Hershey is free to attack and criticise any and all others including a sponsor. How is this resonable or consistant?

    This is simply Oracle the mod's project. And on that note, how does a person who clearly demonstrates that they don't even trade get to be a mod at the supposedly best, most advanced site for trading?

    Now, I'm not foolish enough to think anything will actually be done about this. I so very rarely post these days, but sometimes, every once in a great while, having been here for so long and actually trading, I just HAVE to say something.
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    I haven't received any complaint emails from your user name, could you send me examples of where Jack violated our terms of service?
  5. T56, I laud your altruistic desire to shield fools from charlatans and the folly that comes from following them. But it is misplaced We as good traders do not want our cohort to be good traders. The majority must lose, and market makers can allow only so many fat-tailed good traders to skew the distribution or they'll go broke. So we want our ranks to be ranks of fools. Thus I say to ET, job well done! Bring on the charlatans! And shield them from criticism that they be held up as paragons of trading wisdom!
  6. Joe, with all due respect, I simply don't have the time nor interest to comb through Hershey's...lectures, shall we say, and find examples.

    You might check page 100 for Covel's reply to Hershey's swipe as Covel has quoted it...that is if Oracle hasn't removed it by now.

    Arthur, LOL!
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    Thanks Dave, if you come across any during your readings feel free to send me the links. In the mean time I'll check out page 100 and see where Hersey steps over the line.
  8. I agree, Oracle is worthless and should be removed as a moderator!!!
  9. I had no opinion on Oracle. But the other day, I saw something he posted and agree, should NOT be a mod.
  10. Appreciate your attention, Joe. My guess is you missed the action on page 100 as obviously Oracle has been there cleaning things up.

    Spamming and personal attacks are certainly to be removed, but simple disageements over merhodology???

    Ok, I'll stop posting on this now - enough said.
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