Why the real estate market will not go bust and DOW 30000 by 2008

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  1. Other works by those authors are:

    "Ringo Starr Will Be the Best Solo Beatle" - 1970
    "Your New Flying Car" - 1971
    "A Man On Mars - Why it Will Happen Soon" - 1972
    "Personal Computers - An impossible Pipedream" 1974
    "The Metric System - The System We Will Have to Adopt" - 1976
  2. this is what happen when crackers od on conservative idealism.
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    And who says only white men are racist? Apparently comes in many flavors.
  4. How could you forget:
    "Abominable Snow Man: Just the guy next door"
    "Insatiable Appetite: Women who desire fat, short, bald, poor guys"
    "Honesty 2007/2008 - my mortgage check is in the mail!"

  5. Oh yeah...and i also forgot:

    "White America: Why a black man will never be president" -2006
    "How the USSR will take over America by the year 2000" -1988
    and lets not forget an article he wrote this summer...

    "Gas Prices will be 10 dollars per gallon by November '08" -Summer 2008

    This guy also bought a chrysler because of the $2.99 guarenteed gas price for 3 years as he thought he was going to get a deal!
  6. The United states of obesity, an everlasting marriage. (2009)
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    One of my favorite book titles

    How I Made $100.00 in Real Estate (2008)


    Off topic book title

    America's Best Loved Attorneys (2007) very short book
  8. The scary part of this thread was that these books were not written by a bunch of yahoos, but are authors with a lot of education and experience. Even the experts cant seem to make good predictions at times.
  9. Bob Zuccaro began his career as an analyst for the Value Line Survey in New York City in 1967. When he entered the investment business, there were only 204 mutual funds of all types in existence compared to some 15,000 today. In late 1983 after receiving numerous opportunities to join other investment firms, he decided to form an advisory firm and named it Target Investors. In 1997, Mr. Zuccaro founded Grand Prix Fund--oriented toward aggressive growth stocks. The new fund achieved distinction as one of only seven mutual funds in history to achieve back-to-back years of triple-digit returns. Grand Prix Fund returned 112% in 1998 and 148% in 1999 before it got caught in the throes of the vicious bear market that took hold in early 2000.

    The author has managed money during his 34-year career through seven bull markets, seven bear markets, and five recessions. The success and accolades received over the years have been earned through in-depth study, intense efforts and application of strict investment disciplines.
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